This gallery contians images of friends, family (and even some pets) that I felt were special and didn't get to live as long & happy a life as they deserved. Their lives were cut short but they'll always live in my memories. I'll make a complementary higher resolution 8x10 print available (via email) of any photos in this one, particular gallery for any friends and family. You'll need a high speed internt connection and a good quality color/photo printer. email for details. Please note that these are for personal use only and not to be provided to anyone for a purpose other than personal viewing. All images remain copyrighted and exclusive property of Ron Edwards/Action Imagery (tm)

This gallery is dedicated to my Dad


My Dad was born of a harder era than I was and it showed in his work ethic and moral values up until the day he died. He served in submarine duty in W.W. 2 and then finished school and graduated from Berkeley with a major in business. We grew up in Northern California and he made sure I got a taste of all the activities the state had to offer. He took me body surfing in Santa Cruz at the San Lorenzo rivermouth starting in 1966, fishing for salmon on the Sacramento river in '64, skiing in the Sierras and hiking and exploring the Tahoe region. All of these things and places (and more) turned out to have an influence on the rest of my life, and I'll always be grateful to him for introducing me to it all.