Snow & Surf Report

This page is not currently being updated regularly

This is Ron's personal snow & surf report page. This page reflects the weather conditions from wherever Ron is concerned with; nowhere else.

Snow observations are made straight from my back yard and/or Heavenly Ski area in South Lake Tahoe, California, Mt. Hood, Oregon and the Hoodoo ski area outside Sisters, Or. in the good 'ol U.S. of A. The Tahoe surf report readings are taken from Reagan Beach in SLT, CA. when possible. The Cannon Beach surf report is observed from my backyard and compiled with data available from other resourses listed below. This page is primarily a "general weekly forecast" and will be updated at my leisure, so any time a condition I'm concerned with is really great don't expect me to be wastin' my time updating this report. I'll be going out and enjoying myself first, then when I'm too tired to play in the surf or on the slopes any more I'll get around to updating this page. I'm no professional meteorologist so don't take any of my predictions as gospel and risk your life or somethin' stupid like that. My information sources are the United States Naval Research Lab, Weather Underground, NOAA, the Farmer's Almanac and a wet finger held up in my back yard with binoculars in the other hand.

General Conditions in South Lake Tahoe

Dry conditions with high fire danger in mountains

General Conditions on Mt. Hood



General Conditions at Hoodoo



Cannon Beach Surf Report

Fall mix. Chunky surf. WNW winds. Nothin' to see here so STAY HOME!



Goin' off out front in C.B. (as viewed from Ronsland)


Here are some file photos from last winter.

Hood, lookin' good




Nice little breeze in the air up higher on the hill

Hood has a pretty good grooming program with a number of black diamond runs steeper than this that get cut cleanly overnight. Makes for some knuckle draggin' fun once it's softened up a little.



Cave Rock in South Tahoe. Not the best day but you get the idea.